Unusual Art
By Hasbleydy Plata and Faber Gañán.

September 2nd, 2019

The teacher Jhon Carlos Sánchez, who is the art teacher at Juan Pablo I School, wanted to do creative activities with the students from Sixth to Ninth grade this year. First, the class has some benefits for the students from this school and their families because they elaborate some beautiful paintings and crafts that can be used to decorate their homes. Second, the students have developed their interest towards art and they have developed their artistic abilities in this class.

Neiver Rivera, who is the coordinator at Juan Pablo I School, said that it is very interesting and important what the teacher has done with the students. He admires their crafts because they are very beautiful and the students have demonstrated their efforts.

Jéssica García, a student from Ninth grade from Juan Pablo I School, added that the class is very amazing since they do different activities. "The class helps the students to distract a bit from different negative situations that happen in their lives".

In each class the teacher implements a different activity, the students perform the work during three classes and at the end, the work of each student is exposed in the meeting place of the school. In addition, he has done different activities thanks to this initiative, for example the Mother´s Day, where the students participated with the exhibition of their crafts and at the same time they elaborated some presents for their mothers.