The Way We Coexist at School
By Kevin Salazar and Karoll Correa.

September 2nd, 2019

The coexistence at Teresita Montes School has been an important aspect for the principal, the coordinators, the teachers and the students because it is essential to get better results in the academic processes the school has.

To coexist at any school community is the ability to be surrounded by many people but trying to live in harmony and with respect. In addition, if there is a good environment, the students can be focused on their studies and avoid getting involved in conflicts that can bring bad consequences for them. Considering this, the coexistence in 2019 among the students from 11th grade has been great, because they have taken into account different aspects to live in a peaceful way. They consider that the coexistence is better now due to the high level of tolerance among them; additionally they know that their thoughts and actions must go according to their age.

Juan Manuel Rincon Acosta, who is a student from 11B grade, said: "I think that we feel better now, because there are less conflicts among us since we learned to be more tolerant and respectful. We are aware about the important role we have this year at school."

To sum up, all the students from 11th grade must always think about that it is the last year at school, so they must continue living in harmony and enjoy every moment without hurting others. They also must keep in mind the famous adage: "Don't do to others what you don't want for yourself."