Sharing as a Family
By Laura Sofia Patiño and Mariana Morales Orozco

September 2nd, 2019

All the students from Teresita Montes School and their parents were involved in the project the Family's Day which was accomplished in order to collect founds for the three branches of the school.

This project was carried out at Luis Carlos Galán School branch on Sunday May 26th and its main objective was to unite the families of the students by creating an environment of familiarity and fellowship among all the members of the community.

In addition, this project was achieved thanks to the help of all the teachers, students and their parents who were the protagonists of this event; furthermore, there were different activities such as bingo and the talent's show.

The principal of the school Teresita Montes, Javier Garcia Sepúlveda, played an important role in this event. He said that this project was a success where it was possible to integrate the families of the students in a different environment. "This was a complete success where the whole school community was benefited, directly or indirectly. It was shown that the school is more than an academy space." He said.

In addition, the coordinator from Luis Carlos Galán branch, Jorge Alberto Cardona, said, "We were all delighted with the participation of the people in the gastronomic fair and the bingo game because we could see how our students supported this activity by showing small cultural events and even the teachers contributed a lot. I am very happy for all the money that was collected."

For all these reasons, this project was very helpful not only for the institution, but also for the whole community since it was demonstrated that this school is also a family.