Removing the Scare towards Mathematics
By Jéfferson Jiménez and Heiner Danilo Bohórquez

September 2nd, 2019

Fractinumbers is a project that the teacher Ángely Lozano from Luis Carlos Galán School created because the children from elementary school did not have a good performance in math. For this reason, she designed some virtual activities with the purpose that the students could overcome their difficulties through songs and didactic exercises.

This project started in 2017 and it has benefited the Fifth grade students from Luis Carlos Galán School. In addition, the teacher explained that it has been a very didactic project with the objective of improving the outcomes of the students: "The children have got very fair results in math tests which is something that they can improve with this project. In addition, they have lost their fear towards mathematics, especially in the topic of fractions, which is something positive that I have observed."

Furthermore, the parents and the coordinators of the institution consider that it has been interesting the way the teacher has designed a different method with the purpose of improving the performance of the students in math.

The coordinator, César Augusto Pérez said," I am very satisfied to see that the children are very interested in the methodology of this project, and the best thing is that the students have got better results in their tests."

Simón Ramirez, a student from Fifth grade said, "I am very happy with the teacher because she implements many games in the classes to learn math and in this way we don´t get bored."