Parents to Read
By Maria Paula Sepúlveda and Jimena Baquero

September 2nd, 2019

Parents to Read is a project carried out at Teresita Montes school to encourage children to read and have an approach with their parents through reading activities.

This project has been coordinated by the elementary school teacher Jennifer Rivas, who is in charge of Fourth grade at Luis Carlos Galán School. At first, this project was implemented at Luis Carlos Galán School twenty years ago, then when Teresita Montes and Luis Carlos Galán Schools were unified, it became a single project for both institutions for more than nine years.

Furthermore, this project motivates young people to read and in this way they develop some reading skills. Sometimes children are accompanied by their parents or on other occasions the activities are led by Eleventh grade students with children from lower grades.

The coordinator César Augusto Pérez thinks that this project has improved the academic performance of the students and their pleasure to read: "The project Parents to Read has had several positive aspects as it has facilited the integration of parents with children. It also contributes to the academic improvement of students and increase their like towards reading.''

Natalia, who is a student from Fourth grade from Luis Carlos Galán School, considers that this project has some benefits: "I didn't like to read, I always said that playing was the most important, but thanks to this project I started to enjoy reading and I like it a lot because we have an apportunity to share with our family."

Another project that has complemented this iniatitive at the institution Teresita Montes is called Fifteen-Fifteen that is about reading for fifteen minutes every fifteen days in all the classrooms of the institution.