PANAS Project: for a Better Learning.
By Milton Cesar Gómez Rozo and Juan Manuel Rincón Acosta.

September 1st, 2019

PANAS Project is an initiative where the students from elementary school from Luis Carlos Galán School work in couples taking into account different genders and different levels in the classroom. Furthermore, the students have been benefited with this initiative since 2015 and the project became official this year. It was created by the teacher Jose Alberto Rincón, who is a teacher from Luis Carlos Galán School, because he wanted to improve the learning of his students. Additionally, this project has been successful because the students who have a better performance in class become the "panas" of the students who have had some difficulties and in this way they have the possibility to get better academic results with the help of their "panas".

The coordinator César Augusto Pérez states that he knows the benefits of this project: "Due to this project the students have improved both in academic and disciplinary aspects."

Jose Alberto Rincón explained that other teachers have been interested in this initiative: "This project has been implemented by all the teachers, but it started in 2015 and I have seen a great improvement in the education of these children during these years."