ICFES Test: a Life Project
By Daniela Moncada and Santiago Maya

September 2nd, 2019

The ICFES test is a resource that has helped the students from Eleventh grade to determine their future, for this reason the principal from Teresita Montes School, Javier García Sepúlveda, decided to carry out different activities such as virtual and physical simulations during this year with the objective to help the students to perform better in this test. The preparation for the ICFES test started because it was very important that the students from Eleventh grade got a good score in the test. This was possible with the implementation of some activities related with the ICFES test carried out by the teachers from 11th grade and the virtual platform that is called Educational Improvement designed by the principal of the school.

Rosa Restrepo, who is a Spanish teacher at Teresita Montes school, stated that all the teachers from Eleventh grade from the institution were very responsible and committed by explaining some important information and strategies that would be useful in the test. The students from 11th grade consider that the follow up that the institution has done related to the Icfes test contribute to get better results in the real test.

Through these strategies proposed by the principal of the institution, the students from Eleventh grade feel more motivated to obtain a great score.

Finally, the students from Teresita Montes School appreciate the dedication of all the teachers with respect to their preparation, they think that this work will have some benefits both for them and the institution and they will have better opportunities in their future.