Fulfilling Dreams Through Handball.
By Eyni Sánchez and Laura Buriticá

September 2nd, 2019

Sport has had a lot of importance at Teresita Montes School because of the Handball Project that has been carried out since 2008 by the teacher Alejandro Beltrán.

He wanted to include a different sport from the traditional ones such as soccer and basketball to encourage young people to do productive things. So, he motivated the students from Teresita Montes School to take part of this sport.

The main beneficiaries have been the students from primary and high school since they have acquired responsibility and love for the sport, leading them to use their free time appropriately.

One of the achievements that Teresita Montes handball team has had is the second place in the National Tournament of Handball in 2015. Also they got the third place in the international tournament in 2017. Because of these achievements and more, the team has got many medals and trophies that demonstrate the effort of the students.

The teacher Alejandro Beltrán said, "With this Project we have involved the students from our institution and from other schools, the teachers and the community in general". Through the years he has encouraged and demonstrated how this sport has helped the students and the school after the constant effort of the team. An Eleventh grade student, who is a member of the team, said: "This sport is beautiful and for me is the best, since it is different from other sports, without fights, and it is perfect to make friends and it involves a lot of commitment."