Flash Ball
By Nicoll Bonilla and Sofía Ariza

September 2nd, 2019

Flash ball is a sport that has been carried out at Juan Pablo I School. This project has taken place since 2014 and it has been implemented with the students from Seventh to Ninth grade from this school. The teacher of physical education, Diro de Jesus Merlano, has been responsible to promote this sport at this institution which requires speed, agility and seriousness and the most important it allows students to work in team. Also, the students have met new people because they have traveled to Pereira, Alcalá and Bogotá participating in some championships.

According to the teacher, Diro de Jesus, this initiative emerged because some students have had some problems at their homes and this sport has helped them to improve their self-esteem.

The coordinator Neyver Rivera thinks it is an entertaining and a very good sport because it helps the students to have a better lifestyle: "It is a very good sport and benefits the school with their achievements and help the students with their self-esteem."

Juan Esteban, who is a student from Seventh grade, thinks that this sport is very interesting and he has learned many values and have discipline in his life: "The flash ball is a very good sport because I have had positive experiences with my classmates."