Celebration of the Language Day
By Edward Guevara and Alejandra López

September 2nd, 2019

 Art is a very creative expression that a human being can have; it is about expressing what a person feels through infinite forms or techniques. This year, the celebration of the Language Day at Teresita Montes took into account the essence of the ideas aforementioned because its purpose was to remember an important painter and at the same time to include some cultural and artistic activities.

This celebration took place on April 23 and the students from Eleventh grade paid homage to the artist Frida Kahlo who was represented in a painting by the student Juan Daniel Cardona from Eleventh F grade.

This idea was implemented by the Spanish teacher Rosa Restrepo from Teresita Montes branch with the intention that the students from Teresita Montes knew more about this important woman. As an artistic representation of the Language Day, Juan Daniel Cardona began designing a sketch that he painted during this event. According to the teacher, Rosa Restrepo, this project was accomplished successfully and the students were participating actively: "I was very happy with the results of this activity because there were not problems; everything was as we expected and the students learned about a great artist."

Finally, there was integration between students and the teachers in this celebration and the painting of Frida Kahlo was donated to the library of the school. With this artwork, Daniel Cardona leaves a positive mark at school and his talent will be remembered for many years.